Shotgun Only
1 year ago

After seeing the shotgun & smg only categories added to RE2R, I thought I'd test out shotgun only in this game, I tried standard and it was pretty fun. I managed all Jill's areas using only the shotgun, the amount of steelboy/powder pickups wasn't too bad and didn't really feel like much hassle, obviously just went free rein as Carlos since he doesn't get one. I don't think Hardcore is possible but definitely assisted/standard. Not sure if this could get added to secondary categories but thought it was worth mentioning as it did feel quite fun to run and there were some unique strats for certain areas when limited to the shotty.

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Sounds interesting, not sure if the mods replied.

I don't know if I'd do a run myself, but it could be a fun category to go with the others.

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I'll probably test this run out :)