How many runs should I post???
1 year ago

Hello, I'm new at speedrunning and even more at posting my runs.

I was curious at the ethics of posting runs.

I posted a run about a month ago and haven't been accepted yet. No complains here, I get it's a hobby for us all, that the mods have lifes and that this game is kinda old and probably on the dead side :)

The thing is, being new, I was able to beat my time many times over since then. I do not want to flood the queue and was curious to know how the other players approch this!


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Hey, normally it's not a problem, i don't know if it's the case evrytime, but when this happened to me, the mods just review my best time and reject the olders one.

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with how long you have waited already, mods could reject a run and then not look at your run for another month. I used to just edit my current submitted run when I was playing this more (change the time and the link)

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Hello, To the point, if during this month (or even by a week or two) you beat your own time, you don't have to submit again, as the previous comment said, I'd suggest you edit your submission with your new time and the new link. Sometimes it takes more than usual but eventually it will get accepted.


I wanted to apply for mod but they didnt even reply. Xd

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Swervelord for mod!


There is no Sr.c rule that says that if they are sent several times they can accept the last time and delete the previous ones, all the runs should be accepted in order (as long as they are valid). This makes sense, if in a run that you improve your time, you use a glitch that you didn't before, and that glitch then ends up causing a new category to be created, and your previous run was rejected, you would have to re-record or re-upload the same first run to belong to the original category.

Regarding the waiting time, at the time of writing this message there are 33 runs waiting to be approved

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Thank you guys for the good idea!!! I will edit my old run whit the newest one.


Moderation Rules:


//Please do not reject runs just because they are obsoleted by a newer submission. They still go into the database to show history over time.//

This is what RE3 mods actively ignore! A lot of us wants to have full database of submitted runs. I would like to mention I don't care how long it will take to verify my runs, I never ever asked anyone what is with my submission, I don't care if you follow order of submitted runs, I don't care if it takes 3 months, but let us keep our database of submitted runs as you should by the rules!

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