Patch 1.04
3 years ago

So after this recent patch has anyone noticed anything differently?

Does the DA Manip trick still work vs Flame Nemmy?

Can you still get CT Nemmy OOB?

Last night when I was streaming it seemed like the enemy AI has been adjusted? For example, after receiving a bite there’s normally a cool down period before zombies will attack you again. I had multiple instances where zombies chain bit me, I have never known this to happen until yesterday.

When running away from Nemmy after power station, he started to run like he was going to chase me, but then he stopped, turned around and started to walk away like he had de-aggro’d, he then immediately re-aggro’d and sprinted at me.

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Doors still have super glue on them so there's that.

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what the fuck is happening after the recent patch it seems when you die and continue or load a save file the game breaks the interaction with items/doors. fix your game morons @capcom

unfortunately patches bring more problems. Usually the actual fixes are noticeable though.

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So @LegacyGR I don't believe its Capcoms fault, but more so the group who worked on the game if anything. Although I do agree with the notion Capcom should fix their game. @WhamBam_TV that is strange tho for the chain biting I will agree I have not played the new update, I started summer classes so I haven't gotten to running the game recently as much as I want. But that clip with nemmy. Wth is going on with this game. @kniferun what was the patch about?

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New patch busted my overlay. I've heard you can down patch. Anyone have any tips on how to do this and prevent Steam from updating? I have not been able to find an option for this.

Stable FPS and sound.


After the game is updated, no matter what the game mode is, your mouse will move slowly when you aim at the enemy. I'm sure aim assist is off.

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I thought I was going crazy but I have noticed this happens. It only seems to happen in Kite Bros though, quite possibly due to the camera-lock trigger that is there for the thing (does the Nemmy parasite thing even have an official name other than “nemmys new trick” as the devs called it that he does once and the rest of the time it’s a spontaneous event without Nemmy anywhere near). But it has concerned me cause it looks so much like auto-aim which would invalidate a run wouldn’t it if it’s not on assisted?


I noticed that the enemies aggro more quick than the usual. I speedrun assisted NG+ and on the RPD, on the showers, the zombie that opens the door ALWAYS bites me. I have 180 hours of gameplay and I almost never get bitten. After the patch I always get bitten. Spiders seems more aggressive too.

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Has anyone had any crashes? I was doing pb attempts last night, ahead by like 2mins and my game hard crashed. I had to force close it AND restart my computer before it would even let me play again. Every time I tried to open the game after the crash it would just give a black window or if it went full screen it would freeze immediately after doing so.