Base Knife Only category
1 year ago
Greater Manchester, England

Is there any chance you could add a base knife only category ?

Please :) Komrade Kit

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We could do that but there are some issues. -Base knife is nerfed to the ground compared to re2.That means it will make the fights with nemmy a chore and that takes away all the fun compared to that little aot damage we have from Hotdogger.Honestly base knife doesnt even tickle nemmy -Cabin is becoming also a big reset point in harder difficulties with base knife and that section is already hard even with hotdogger,again really antifun for someone who want to repeat runs again and again.remember this is not a challenge run only it is a speedrun also

-Multi hits knife glitch increases the DA A LOT. By doing this ,trying to kill something with such a high DA will take forever letting alone the reset factor from random grab death. -Last but not least the HUNTERS. Base knife PIERCES the skulls of them 10x times more easily than Hotdogger. Try to fight five Hunters with broken shells making their killing attack to you from every direction in Inferno.Challenging right?Many people ignore this fact even to this day

Imo the Hotdogger was a wise addition to the category 3 years ago from mods making this category viable. I still support this idea

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Greater Manchester, England

thank you so much for informing me :)

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

As Legacy noted, the Hot Dogger was allowed to be used back when the game came out and the boards established as the category with only the base knife was seen as too long and tedious.

Adding a separate category for just the base knife just doesn't make much sense since it's essentially the same as current Knife Only, but much, much slower. Knife Only for this game (and most RE runs) is already a pretty niche category, and adding a separate one that even less people would run would just clutter the board. Feel free to run it on the side, however!

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Greater Manchester, England

Yeah was just checking might give it a whirl and see what time I get 🤣

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