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Hey everyone,

As some of you noticed, due to the lack the runs of the misc. categories (and they're hidden in the main leaderboards too) I've moved NG+ to the category extensions in order anyone can watch better that category there than here on a hidden button that almost nobody use.

Some runs were deleted due they don't have a video anymore, the other runs were moved. If your run is lost, please submit it again to the category extensions leaderboards.

Regarding to Magnum Route category, i have 2 options:

- I was thinking on merging that category with Any%
- Move to the category extensions.

One of the reasons it's because it's getting confused with a lot of runners which can submit Any% as Magnum Route.

I'd like to know your opinions about these changes

Some questions that you can have:

- Where's my run? as you've noticed, the category extensions board has all the platforms mixed. If you want to check where's your run, use the platform filters in order finding the correct place where you are

- I want that like the main leaderboards: Will be in the future when the category extensions are more popular. Recently we've received more Any% runs.

- I want everything like before: Almost nobody have submitted a NG+ run in months and on the main boards they're totally hidden making the Misc. button useless IMO.

Any other questions or disagreed with something post that here.

PD: I made this change by myselft without asking anyone (neither runners, nor other mods) and this change doesn't affect anyone with a misc. category that almost nobody have played in months.

PD2: About Game Cube emulator runs, the boards were deleted in discussion with @RebeccaRE and the active runners. They were agreed on removing the GC emu runs due lack of runners + unstable emulator

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escolha inteligente, uma vez que não ha movimentações em relação as corridas, fica melhor retirar.
deixando apenas o nativo, pois o dolphin esta instável para o mesmo...

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Updating this thread. In a talk with the runners that are interested. New Game+ and Magnum Route were moved to the category extensions (asked about removing that and some people rather having that category) Thanks for your thoughts about the change.

Please, if your run isn't on the category extensions or doesn't appear in your profile, submit that again

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Oh ok thanks now understand Julian 😉


Hey everyone, due an issue moving the PC JPN runs they runs done on Arrange Mode were merged into the Original Mode of your profile, making your arrange mode runs obsolete. I could find some runs but i'm sure there are more hidden in your profile like @insanebb and other runners for sure that i cannot remember. If you're missing any of your runs i'd ask your help if you could resubmit that so we can verify that again. Thanks for understanding

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