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Can someone explain what slow/fast door skips are? are you supposed to skip certain doors at certain times? does it slow you down if you dont skip at the correct time?


if you skip a ''fast door'' slowly, you lose time.
if you skip a ''slow door'' fastly, you lost time as well.

and trust me, thats a lot of time in a whole run
i'd say if you skip a slow door fastly you lose like 3s and the other way maybe 2s

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I understand but sometimes I forget this things ))

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Some doors load fast and some load slowly. You know that its a slow door if you skip the door animation quickly and you get a black screen for a bit. (This doesn't happen for fast doors).
- For the fast ones you can skip them instantly.
- For the slow ones it is faster to wait a bit then skip them. (You won't get the black screen) There is a specific timing to it, my advise is to watch top runners skip them. There is many throughout the run that you will learn with time.

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Is it consistent run to run? I.E. are the same doors always fast or slow or can it vary?

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Some doors change depending on the events. For example, if Nemesis chases after power station then there is 1 door in the save room after that, that becomes slow.


You should use the door skip splits that are in the resources. They helped me a lot. I still use them. The spits helped me get from a 52 to a 48 without any other major adjustments.

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Cool I’ll check those out. Thanks guys