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Hello all. I just completed my first legit run of RE3 on GameCube and even recorded it. However, after the ending cutscene and right before the radio guy and the mushroom cloud picture, my disc stopped spinning and the error message "GameCube disc could not be read" came on screen. I'm popped the lid, cleaned the disc, out it back in and closed the lid. Seconds later the mushroom cloud picture came up with the radio guy voice, then went to credits and my IGT showed on screen. The question I want to ask is will this void my run? That would really be a shame that I would have to worry about such a thing. It happens very rarely and the first time ever with this game after playing it for weeks lol. Just my luck even more bad RNG. I would appreciate it if anyone can answer 🙂


Well, the rules says In game time must be shown at the end of the credits, so, unfortunately, I think your run would not be validated


Thanks for responding. The in game time was shown after the credits. The disc error occurred just before the mushroom cloud scene.