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Put these into your gameshark/action replay cheat cartridge to defeat the pointless anti-region check:


D0185324 0001


D01840E2 1040
801840E2 1000

Execute check and pass check (alt code):

D0184394 12F1
80184394 1106
D018481E 1040
8018481E 1000

Remember to start game WITH cheat codes and you should get past that pesky anti region screen.

I personally have to use skip check with master code and it works.

I made this thread as most patcher programs (where you patch a backup ISO) i found were so old they don't work on modern version of windows.

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also be aware that if you are using these gameshark codes do not pick up the box of shotgun shells in the crank save room as it will softlock the game.

not like any runner uses them anyways.


this only works on cartridge version of Action Replay/game shark? i've tried a lot on CD version and don't works...