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Not sure that it's Dolphin exclusively, I run on dreamcast and have definitely noticed this on RE2, specifically in the streets, the very beginning. The zombies on the first road are always consistent BUT every now and then, on the usually totally empty alley/street to Kendo, there will be a zombie there! It's like one out of ten times, very weird. I've also experienced an interesting bug with the door in the next section, the ones the zombies break open. Sometimes the door will open but it looks like it's still closed, you can run through it and everything lol really weird. I've only encountered this one while speedrunning. I'm not sure why the game does the extra enemy in the street though, I know the zombie outfits can change like sometimes you get the black shirt blue jeans zombie, sometimes it's the yellow shirt (off white?) shirted zombie, but I guess there's another element of RNG there?
Would love to see anyone be able to elaborate on this!


I am no expert and somebody please correct me if I am mistaken but here goes.

I think the "different number of enemies" OP is referring to is the difference with RE2 and BIO2 the Japanese Version of the game which we speedrun usually (made evident by the text of course, and certain enemy placements being reduced / easier in Bio2. You can check the second floor of RPD along the balcony areas for an example of this, the placements in RE2 are closer and more arranged to catch the player, in contrast to Bio2's free pass every time because they are all in the rounded parts close to the balcony railing thing)
As for the Kendo shop guy, I'm not too sure actually, I heard RNG before but I also heard a rumor that it was a time thing (like you have to have a straight enough and fast enough line and he won't be there) I personally think he is RNG as I think the latter sounds like schoolyard tales haha but I am not 100% certain of the exact answer so I wanted to mention both theories 🙂 I hope this helps


Idk if this is different on other platforms but In the bio2 pc version the last street zombie is no RNG. You can avoid to spawn the zombie consistent. If you come too close to the last zombie (the one that would be the last before the kendo alley) the kendo alley zombo spawns. Just go very close to the green/blueish car after you run around the first three zombies and go very sharp around the corner of the car. So its no RNG, its framerule. I hope this helps

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As stated above, the Kendo alley zombie isn't RNG, took everyone awhile to figure out exactly how to make him un-spawn, but yes eventually it was figured out you need to take that corner, the one leading i to the alley, as close as can be.

Perhaps needing to avoid the last zombie leading into the alley is true as well, bc there have been times I took the corner as sharp as can be and still that zombie spawned. So maybe that's true as well, I'm not sure.

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I've tested this hundreds of times.
If you take a wide turn in one of the area when you start the game (meaning run wide around the first few zombies) then run wide around the corner, the zombie has a strong chance of spawning.

if you have good lines that don't go too wide, he will NEVER be there.
i haven't had him spawn in my last 30 starts, expect yesterday when i was doing a pistol only hard mode run.

its not rng, its bad lines that makes him spawn in original mode.


@ConkyJoe89ConkyJoe89 the last zombie before you round the corner can spin and try to grab you, fail, and still the last zombie won't spawn in front of kendo's place.

its about taking the corner tight, and keeping your lines from the start well. don't go wide around the zombies and youre good.

I've restarted probably 500 runs and tested it so many times.
(pc sourcenext 1 and 1.1 leon A normal and hard)

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@actuallywillactuallywill That actually makes perfect sense. Bc I see top runs get so close to the last car zombie before the alley that he actually turns and attempts a grab. And then 1 second later round that corner as wide as can be lol.

So I'm almost to the point of thinking it has more to do w/ the opening lines and actually NOT straying too far from Car Zombie Dude that immediately proceeds the alley.