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For those of you who run BH2 on the PS2, my first question is: I know that enabling "Fast Disc Speed" will help improve run times, but what about that second option? I believe it's Texture related or something of the like? Will that hurt my time at all to enable it to smooth out the graphics a tad?

And secondly, my more important question: Which of the button layout options is closest to the US version RE2? Where 🔲 is run, ❌ is open doors/shoot, ⭕ pulls up menu, Start pauses, etc etc? Or does a controller scheme that matches the US version even exist in BH2? Please...tell me it does...please lol. I just slapped it on real quick for the first time earlier, and the controls threw me WAY off.

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X and Square are transposed in the JPN version of Resident Evil - it’s not so bad when you get used to it. It’s like anything really.