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Just curious how is it that RE2 & BIO2 are ran in the same category instead of split up into 2 different categories being that BIO2 is so much easier than US RE2 which ultimately leads to better times. (Not complaining just generally curious). For example BIO2 has fewer enemies, Enemies have less HP, you take less damage every hit, get more herbs & more ammo placements. Etc.

Link to the differences below.

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Don't quote me on this, but I think at one point back in the day, they were separated. And true, the US version did have some things implemented that make runs less consistent to complete (mainly the one asshole zombie in the RPD Main Hall 2F), and the zombies are SLIGHTLY more aggro too, I think.

But other than those little instances, US version isn't really more DIFFICULT, it's just less consistent due to the rng of that ONE zombie. The extra enemies in the other areas don't really factor into making or breaking a run (usually). And I don't believe it's true that you take more damage in the US version, pretty sure it's the same, and if it is different, it's such a slight increase as to be a non-issue. So it basically just came down to there not really being much of an argument for the US version to have it's own LB, as having a good US run doesn't require more skill than having a good JPN run, it comes down to luck and at that point there's just honestly no reason to run US as BH2 is just plain faster all-around. Extra herbs/FAS's also don't matter, bc the goal is to not get grabbed and fall into Caution in the first place, ya know?

And back when I started running the game (2017ish) I had the same thought process, I was running US RE2 on an SCPH-70012 PS2 slim, bc also back in the day we thought that specific model PS2 ran RE2 faster bc of the type of PS1 driver it uses, and so when we found out it was actually modchips causing the faster times and not that specific PS2 model, they took any runs utilizing modchips and put them on a different LB. And I was sorta pissed, bc I had went outta my way to get that US PS2 bc it was "faster", but I didn't use a modchip to enable me to run BH2, I just ran RE2. And then suddenly it was like if you weren't running BH2 on an import PS2, your run was gonna be viewed as "less than", which I thought was stupid, bc RE2 is harder after all, right? But after starting to run BH2 myself I realized that no, running RE2 doesn't make your run a "more skill-intensive" run, it just makes it more of a hassle to make it to the sewers consistently, and that gets old as Hell after the millionth time.

Anyways, I'm rambling now. But that's just my thoughts on it, having came into the community with that same sorta outlook, and realizing over time that BH2 is just plain better for speedrun purposes. Hope there was some useful info in that novel I just wrote 😂🤣😂🤣

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In the end, the only real major difference is text speed.

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I know that PAL is not alowed but I found some difference between PAL and JAP version(not 50hz/60hz). I think that can change game-time and game-experience.

After Spawn:
- PAL 7 enemies in first street
- JAP 5 enemies
After the bus, there are more enemies in the PAL.
-> It's hard to get the special key from Brad.

The Room where you are using the 2 red dia (Leon A):
- JAP there is no animation when u pick up the shotgun ammo
- PAL the character knees down to pick up the shotgun ammo

Is there any difference in RE1 & RE3? (not 50hz/60hz)
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I know Sourcenext is a Japanese based system, but is there a way to get rid of that Japanese scribbling during the FMVs? Is there a file I need to delete or change in the Sourcenext folder? This question also applies to RE1 & RE3 for the original versions on PC. Please help me, I can't stand looking at subtitles, be they in English or Japanese. Thanks!