Regarding about co-op runs
2 years ago
New Jersey, USA

Greetings Dungeon quest speedrunners.

We want to just put this message up in regards to co-op runs in the dungeon quest speedrun site. For the past weeks and months, there have been some runs that were viewed to have players join with speedrunners or others joining in for the speed runs. If any speedruns that have co-op runs doing anything will get your submission denied. It is acceptable to have them in but THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING. The reason that there won't be any co-op runs to be added is that the number of runs that would have to be created would be too much of a hassle. There will be plans specifically for co-op runs in the future if they planned to get too difficult to speedrun.

One of the runs that you will look at that only has one co-op mode is the egg island one here:

Thanks for your time.

  • GaleS
Wyoming, USA