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Hello. So recently a new world record was set by BLAST3R who found a game-breaking glitch that allows the player to purchase all weapons for free. This doesn't break any rules since the category was Any% that allows all glitches. This puts me in a dilemma on whether I should just verify the run as it is and allow all glitches in the future or create a new category that is specifically designed for runs with glitches. I feel like this affects the entire community so the vote of others should be taken into consideration. This forum will be a poll for members of the community to vote whether they like the first option or the second. The poll will last until the end of January and if I don't receive any replies I will just verify the run normally. Until then the run will normally be verified under the Any% category. Thank you for your time.

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I believe we should have a glitches and glitchless leaderboard split.

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Glitchless categories are often created when a glitch is so powerful that the speedrun completely changes the game. This glitch is in no way game-breaking. New speedrun shortcuts-glitches are found every day, if we created a category for every shortcut that is found we'd be dividing the community.

With that logic, we should also create new categories that record in-game time instead of real time because old comupters might not be able to run the game as fast as new computers, making them unable to speedrun in a competitive-level.

Adding a new category here would be throwing ourselves into a rabbit hole we cannot escape from as there is always some little thing that gains you an advantage over other runners.

The leaderboard should stay the same and anyone attempting to speedrun should consider the new glitch that has been found.

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Just leave it as is imo

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Alright, because the majority agrees, I will leave things as they are now and the leaderboard shan't be divided.

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