Some cool discoveries I've found.
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Some cool discoveries I've found.
New Zealand

A clip I found in the first level. It does nothing really, but shows that clips such as these are actually possible in the game. The clip in question is off the jump pad I slowed down just a little bit and clipped through the bottom corner of the bar that is supposed to come down and have you land on it.

This one froze all the bots in my game when I clicked to go fullscreen. Without Flash, this may not even work anywhere anymore, but it's still interesting, and likely abuseable if still in existance.

I cannot be bothered clipping this, but I've also found that pausing does not effect reloading, so you can start to reload, pause the game, then unpause and your gun will be reloaded instantly. Nichely usfeul, but useful nonetheless.

I'm still interested in this game and intend to get a sub:32 soon. Perhaps even a sub:30 eventually, I just hope I'm not the only one running it :)

Edit: The links are no longer valid because Vimeo sucks, but the descriptions say it all anyway.

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