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7 years ago
Massachusetts, USA

I know that I keep making more and more threads regarding various categories, but I promise this will be the last one I make. Further threads will just consist of me updating this one.

In any event, after a long discussion on the Rabi-Ribi Discord, we have come to some terms regarding some new glitches and sequence breaks. As such, this thread is to fine tune all the categories.

Please vote/decide here:

Results will be recorded on the community Spreadsheet.

Thank you for your participation, and happy speedbunning!


Currently, the leaderboard only contains categories for the "Casual" and "Normal" difficulties. However, everyone is welcome to run on any difficulty they desire.

Other difficulties are not present on the leaderboard in order to keep it concise. Because there are no video recorded RTA runs on other difficulties, including the other difficulties would just add a bunch of "(empty)" sections on the leaderboard, which would make it look quite messy.

If you are running on a different difficulty level and would like to submit your time to this leaderboard, feel free to post your runs in this thread, and the appropriate categories will be added as soon as possible.


I hope this clears up any questions regarding this topic.

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