Getting back into running the game and the current state of the leaderboard
6 years ago
United Kingdom

I'm almost done with uni and have been getting back into all the games I used to speedrun. I really want to get back into Qbeh but I'm not to happy with the current categories.

I think there should only be 2 types of runs, "Lag Jump" and "No Lag Jump". I think that rather than worrying about what runners can and cannot limit there fps to, we should just say that if you can't make the jump on 60 fps then it's no allowed in "No Lag Jump". So this would mean that jumping on checkpoints is a lag jump since it requires an fps of 50 or lower. The "Lag Jump" runs are just the old fps limit runs.

I also think we should just forget about regular any% and 100%, I don't think worrying about PC specs is worth it when the main objectives of the categories were to have a glitchy run with high jumps and a run with normal jumps.

If people still plan on chatting, I'd rather move to Discord than the old skype group. I haven't been on Skype in months.

Overijssel, Netherlands

I can't remember which glitch the lag jump was. So I'm not sure what the current categories really mean.

I don't think anyone would mind if you changed the categories. There are no runners for the "main" any% category. If you think that it makes more sense to merge the main category with fps limit, that's fine by me. (That would also mean I get WR back in any% :D).

You can make a discord server if you like. I would join it. I can't promise that I'll be doing runs again though.

United Kingdom

When I say lag jump, i'm just generalising any jump that utilises an fps lower than 60 in order to gain height. So as long as you don't do any checkpoint jumps then you'd still have the wr. I'll put the Discord server link in the resource page when I make it.

Overijssel, Netherlands

Oh, right. We used to allow limiting fps to 40-50 or something. I forgot about that. All four runs on the "No Lag Jump" category jump on the checkpoint in 4-5. (Even though Skelekat and Yoda_Cage don't actually use any third-party software to do so.)

I don't think the right thing to do is to remove all runs from the leaderboards. Because it is not fair towards the runners (although I might be biased here because I have wr), and also because having an (almost) empty leaderboard might scare away new people who are looking for games to run.

I agree that it makes sense to ban checkpoint jumps in any%. Because the Cube Placement Glitches aren't used in any of the current runs, I think we should leave all runs on the leaderboards and rename the category to any%. (Replacing the current any% category). They will not be very hard to improve with the new time saves. Then we can ban checkpoint jumps for all future runs.

United Kingdom

OK, I've made quite a few changes, let me know what you think.

I went through and edited alot of runs, so I'm sorry if anyone got a lot of notifications.

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