Glitches in 100%

Are glitches allowed in the 100% category?? I want to be first to do it but it says nothing about glitches/glitchless

(By glitches I'm referring to changing the date in the settings)

I looked into the pvz 100% record on PC and it seems it starts with everything unlocked, is this the same here?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

100% runs on Mobile are actually a bit more different since no all of the Mini-Games/Puzzles/Last Stands are unlocked naturally, the only expection being the Survivals after completing the Adventure Mode. This is the main reason for why someone hasn't done a run yet.

About the glitches tho, Date changing isn't considered a glitch by itself, but it's fine to do so, I'd imagine it would be for Zen Garden to grind money.