How are you supposed to do 100% game without spending real money?
6 months ago
United States

From what I understand to complete a 100% speed run of PVZ on mobile, you need to beat all mini-games, Puzzles, and get all survive trophy’s, on top of completing adventure mode only once. But how are you supposed to get access to all the mini-games, puzzles and survival trophies, on that new file, because it cost a lot of in game money, more than you can make throughout the run to buy the games?

I’m just curious because right now the only way I see being able to do 100% is making a new file, beating adventure mode and going back on an old file with everything unlocked and playing all the mini games, puzzles, and survival games.

Also, does anybody else’s portal combat break halfway through the game?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The only possible away to do a 100% run without using Real Money or going back to a unlocked file (which is not allowed) is to farm money during the run. The best way possible to do it is to do a bunch of flags at Survival: Endless since there is the easiest way to get more money and more faster.