New "Hoverboard Obby" is heavily FLAWED.
1 month ago

There's a few variants of stages BUT every obby that you enter has a few of those stages in a randomized order so getting the same order is really difficult. This makes it "Randomly Generated" although its technically not.

This makes it UNSPEEDRUNABLE & UNOPTIMIZABLE, making it UNFIT for speedrunning in general.

Guess ps99 speedrunning is gonna continue to be dead ;/


Yeah I just got a good seed


Well I just accidentally left cuz fling


Things like Minecraft speedruns are procedurally generated, and random seed is one of the most popular categories as a whole. I feel like a with a couple reset and attempts you can find the people who can use the hoverboard better than others nearer the top even with worse RNG on the level generation

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Then again, some like it, some dislike it, it's all personal preference at the end of the


So basically hoverboard obby will be RSG. But that doesn't matter because it's not completely randomly generated. There's only so many possibilities you can get unlike minecraft where every seed is different in every way. You have to grind for the perfect seed and then optimize it. Just getting the perfect seed too many times isnt too easy either so every run has to grind so long for the seed itself. It won't be RSG anymore because you're just grinding forever for the perfect seed. It's not good for even RSG.

Let's look at it this way. Presume there are 7 stages and 12 courses, you have to do any 7 based on any order. (There isn't only 12 courses or 7 stages in the obby but it's close. The number of courses isn't in the 100s I can confirm it's not more than 15.

So, now we grind for the perfect seed which is let's say 6 2 8 5 1 2 4 jn that order (it isn't, but just imagine it is). We have to grind for that seed for hours upon hours because it's rare and then optimize it and get a run. No other runner will ever be able to compete because how easy it is to get the perfect seed compared to rsg speedrunning games like minecraft where there are trillions of possibilities.

The RSG factor is completely eliminated and now we have to just reset for the best seed and get a run on it.

You could also say that there could be a perfect seed only but then it will be dead because not many are willing to spend that much. Of course in that mindset, RSG could work but then RSG speedruns won't be skill at all because just a perfect seed and you win, nobody will ever be able to beat you.

TLDR: rsg is not fit bcuz no skill involved as if u get perfect seed u win the category. this is because the possibilities are very low. Doing a "perfect seed" only category sucks too because nobody is willing to sit there grinding for the seed just to maybe have a shot at Wr

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