Pre-game Menu

So, I did a SNES run (since I've been using this game to test out emulators and such) but I noticed the current run that is there is different from the GB ones in that it doesn't manipulate the pre-game menu and leaves all values at their default state.

I feel a little bad a submitting a time that is substantially better because it's an easier difficulty and there are less rounds of actual fighting. Given the information, is there any objection to making a subcat distinguishing Any% from what might be "Green%" or something? I don't mind setting it up, and writing some general rules anyway; but I just wanted to make sure there was no objection to this.


Since there were no objections, I went ahead and reorganized the categories and split them into 2 for the different runs that had been submitted thus far regarding the pre-game menu. This allowed all the runs to remain on the board even though they were using different stands for game play.

In addition, I added more details to the game page (developer, publisher, etc.) and more importantly,

I defined some rules for future runs consistent with the current runs to avoid future confusion.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you are wondering why your a run got resubmitted. Let me know if there are any issues.

I may possibly add a theme later as well.


So, just finishing up... Theme has been added (yes, I know it's ugly; bad at design).

Also, I finished refining the rules, so that they should be clear and cover all platforms.

Also, added Atari Jaguar, as well as all possible Game Boy variants.

Should pretty much cover everything. If someone comes across this, let me know if you encounter any issues.