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I want to customize the sar ihud but don’t know how and can’t find helpful resources. A list of the ihud commands would be appreciated.

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Go in the discord and ask in technical-help.

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I would always refer to this. If some commands wont work: be sure you have the current version of sar.
use Ctr. + F to find the ihud settings


This is extremely out of date please do not link this anymore. Use this https://github.com/p2sr/SourceAutoRecord/blob/master/doc/cvars.md

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That link shows the list of commands, but instructions with example commands would be helpful, and I did not find much when I was trying to do this a few days ago.

Here are some commands I came up with to customize my ihud:
sar_ihud 1
sar_ihud_y 800
sar_ihud_x 375
sar_ihud_modify forward y=0 x=4 text=^
sar_ihud_modify back y=1 x=4 text=v
sar_ihud_modify moveleft y=3 x=4 text=<-
sar_ihud_modify moveright y=3 x=5 text=->
sar_ihud_modify jump y=0 x=1 width=2
sar_ihud_modify duck y=1 x=2
sar_ihud_modify use y=0 x=0
sar_ihud_modify attack y=0 x=6
sar_ihud_modify attack2 y=0 x=7
sar_ihud_modify angles y=1 x=6 enabled=1 font=-5 width=2 height=2
Hope this helps.

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