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I play Portal 2 and trained glitchless. i wanted to confirm my next run but then i noticed that there is no glitchless leaderboard. Pls add one.

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No major gliches are still glitches. glitchless would be without any glitches.

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How are No major gliches with glitches? If i can ask
(I stared speedrunning Portal 2 yesterday)

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The only major skips that are allowed in NMG are ones which do not use unintentional bugs, and are instead as a result of raw skill (ie. Bunny-hopping in BTG Door Skip, or throwing the cube in Test Cube Throw) or simply by using knowledge of the game to use a, whilst unintentional, still non-glitch reliant method of completing the level (such as Ricochet Panel Fling or Turret Factory light skip).

Whilst the line to draw on whether something classifies as a "glitch" or not is hazy in of itself, it's hard to really make an argument that any of these allowed techniques classify as glitches. Bunny hopping is the closest you could really get, but it has long since been agreed that it's more of a result of how the physics engine works as opposed to a glitch.

Semantics aside, NMG is basically Glitchless. You can't pick and choose which tricks you want to be allowed and disallowed based on personal whims.

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ninjinskie explained this perfectly. There are no plans to add a glitchless category anytime soon. Locked.

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