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This might be a strange question, but how do I AFH? I know how to ABH but I've never really been able to find out how to AFH.


tl;dr hold s and jump (with speed)

the way abh works is to stop bhopping in hl2 old engine, which is where you gain speed if you keep jumping. to stop this, the source engine that portal runs on will give you backwards speed when you go over the speed cap that will keep you on the speed cap. however, the game gets confused on what direction we're going in and we're to give us the backwards speed. when we look backwards and spam jump, the game gives us backwards speed because it assumes we're going foward (ABH). the way AFH works is that we look forward but hold backwards, so the game thinks we're going backwards, and therefore gives us forward speed. the other problem though is that hold s will reduce our forward speed, so we need enough speed before we start our AFH that out speed gained from jumping is higher than the speed lost while holding s.

^btw i dont hold any responsibility if thats wrong i have no clue what the fuck i just typed and/or if its right

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With enough speed (400 or so, you can get there by doing a couple ABHes), face the direction you want to go and hold S (or tap if you don't have much speed) and use the scroll wheel to jump.

This video shows how to do it a bit better than a text explanation.

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Thanks doods. I was asking because in some speedruns I'd see people start off AFHing and gain speed and it confused me.


Yeah starting off AFHing right off the bat is known as s-tapping, its more of a style trick never really used for tricks and stuff


Oh, I see. Thanks for the help!


Uh excuse me @hat swag points are what adds up to wrs if u dont have swag in ur run its invalid

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