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Greetings fellow portal speedpeople. I have been encountering problems with getting exceptional distance when performing cube throws (This is especially noticeable/notable in chambers like chamber 12 with the bigger cube throw). No matter how I flick my mouse or when I release the cube, it always seems like a gamble. I've never been able to get good throws consistently. Are there any tips or strategies to help improve the distance I get from cube throws?
I'd really love to know, I really want to get a top 10 time soon.

Thank you!


if you haven't, look at what other top runners do

assuming you have done so, we cant really help you until we see what you're doing wrong, so a video of some cube throw attempts would be beneficial.


i recorded a minute of failed cube throws on 12 to show how im cube throwing. Only managed to get one that was close (can't even tell what I did different)
hopefully its just something flying over my head, I have watched other runners but I cant seem to replicate their throws

Thanks for the help! I know it might be hard to help with something like this.


Throwing the cube has way more to do with where in the arc you release it than how fast you flick. Flick slower, and release the cube higher. if you wanna see exactly where to release it just watch my run and slow it down.

In addition, you have to make sure you are running far enough forward so you are right on the edge when you release it, and also focus on keeping your arc in your throw smooth.

Side note, this strat saves all of 4 seconds and is hardly necessary to get times above like 16:30-17


Thank you very much Ace!

At least if I try to bring my time much lower I know how to do it now.