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3 days ago i beat my pb by 19 second 3 days later i am still not verfied Pb is 23:01


Average verification time is a week.
To balance, I'ld say you would need to be verified after 13 days, and you'll understand the preciousness of active mods.
3 days is nothing.
And as Connor069AceofSpades696969 said, it says one day ago.
Next time, be patient.
If you have any suggestion about verification time, I suggest that you write it on a paper, then fold it, and put it in Uranus.


But interstellar space travel technology isnt ready for travel from or to Uranus so that you could deposit processed wood known as paper with a sequence of letters and spaces known as words written on it ???

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I submit run 3 days ago


Oh i know i edit