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I'm totally new to speedrunning and have only completed a couple portal 1 runs. Having done so, I've grown curious about some things.

1. Is modifying the closed caption file in portal/resource allowed? I run with CC's on, and I think it'd be nice to modify some texts to personalize the run for a recording.

2. Are custom portal gun models allowed? Pretty much the same thing, just a personal touch to the run.

3. How do you record without loads? I use LiveSplit with the source autosplitter and I have the game time timing method set to engine ticks with pauses. This generates a time with loads, right? So, how do I change that so I can get a time without loads in order to submit one of my runs?

4. My game sometimes lags a little bit in certain, fixed spots, for example in chamber 15 right after the lift following the first energy ball section. Or the "impossible" chamber near the start. Those aren't loading zones, so will they be left in the time without loads? Does anyone else get these?

5. Does anyone know what the file for the portal gun model is so I can retexture it?

6. What are some imperative settings in livesplit that I have to keep in mind? I wouldn't want to have a great run that I cannot list here.

7. Are save/load and sv_funnel_player_into_portals 1/0 binds legal in glitchless runs? Some chambers I like to use portal funneling in (like chamber 18) but for the rest, it's a real pain in the ass and I like to change the setting on the fly. The thing that I don't know is whether it's okay to use such a bind or not.

8. YAY I've just got my new PB 😃
Was doing a practice run but I've ended up nailing the chamber 7 skip, the chamber 18 camera skip and the escape 2 catwalk fling all in one try. I've suffered a lot in chamber 15 with the camera-cube tower and it fell over on me 4 times. Lost a bunch of time there - I usually get it on the 1st try...

I know that this post is very long and I've been rambling on and on for a while so I'll just cut it here. Thanks in advance for any replies and I hope you have a great day!

P.S: The speedrunning community is awesome and I'm happy to be slowly becoming a part of it!



1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Right click -> Compare against -> Game time
4. idk
5. materials\models\weapons\v_models\v_portalgun.vtf
6. Only engine ticks with pauses
7. Yes
8. Good job

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1 and 2: Both are allowed

3: If you have to autosplitter set to game time it will display your time without loads. It sounds like you have it set up correctly

4: Those freezes are common on the post steampipe version of the game (most recent version basically.) Download the source unpack version from Resources and use that if you don't want the freezes. Side note, the freezes do not count against your time without loads

5: \SourceUnpack\portal\materials\models\weapons\v_models\v_portalgun is the file directory

6: Other than being set to game time not much is important, and is just personalization.

7: They are allowed in glitchless runs

8: Congrats!


i think its important to know that glitchless PBs arent considered valid unless you post a screenshot of the splits in the portal 1 speedrunning discord #general

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1. yes. I do not recommend playing with captions on, it can corrupt demos
2. yes.
3. what they say or/and record demos using maxxuss plugin (see guides)
4. what ace said + sv_autosave 0 + quit porn torrents
5. what imita said
6. must have game time and must be shown on stream. One setting should be Engine Ticks with Pauses
7. what they said
8. " I've suffered a lot in chamber 15 with the camera-cube tower and it fell over on me 4 times. Lost a bunch of time there - I usually get it on the 1st try..." it's prolly 17 though

Congratulations, keep going!