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If we find a vault skip the runs with the save would still be valid, it would just mean that the save would be pointless. The save is optional, so if vault skip exists you would have the option to do vault skip instead (and anyone who actually wanted a faster time would just do it)

The save doesn't remove the time, it just makes it so you don't have to sit through it. Vault skip would still save time if it existed.

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As Xeiz mentionned, I don't think more people will get sub 2s, as you need to be good at the game to get a sub 2 or even a cubethrow, it's not because you can reset faster that you'll actually get a sub 2 if you're not able to get one in the first place. I still think people will reset more, but on average the time will be the same, as personally I reset until I get a good 00/01. You could be a purist and say "You skip 53 seconds of the game", but Portal is a game where you reset a lot as you get better, since it's a really short game, and you actaully reset a lot, and those 53 seconds are really annoying, and I think some runners don't want to run anymore just because they got bored of all the waiting in 00/01, and some runners don't want to start running Portal just because of the waiting.

About the vault skip, there's no problem if you use a save, you'll just have to redo your run with vault skip to acually save time. Technically you're not skipping the vault with a save, the 53 seconds will be in your run anyway so there's no problem if we find a vault skip.


If this gets implemented I'm re-enabling my account and running this game again :^)

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¤chants¤ speed up the vault... SPEED UP THE VAULT.

I'm in favor of the save too. Speeding up the vault would be single-segment, and livesplit times it accurately.

Y'all if I could just skip the vault then I'm down for whatever.


I understand that some people are against it because the relaxation vault is still part of the game. But since it only skips part where you can't save or lose time anyway, I don't see reason why skipping it shouldn't be allowed.


anyone i had a old demo were i jumped on to the radio and i went flying and i had to reinstall sometime affter that but maby we can find away to skip the vault like that


I agree with this 100%. Waiting for a minute isn't interesting for either the people running the game or the people watching the run, and therefor doesn't need to be a part of the run.


I don't mind, I'd be running it without skipping anyway. I need to play clip board basket ball sometime.

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i'm all for using a save. Also, we may very well see more sub 2 00/01's, but it won't be because the save is there, it'll be because it makes 00/01 more efficient to practice. If you're capable of it, you're capable of it.


Sort of agree on the sub 2 00/01s. There's still a full run to complete afterwards, so even if it makes grinding for a good 00/01 easier, it doesn't change the skill level required to be competitive in any significant way.

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For the "We wait a long time in elevators, why not skip those?" argument.

Differences between the Vault and Elevators:

1) The Vault is at the beginning of the game. Nothing you did previously in the run (because there is nothing) is going to affect how you will do, especially if you load a save where you’ve been standing still. There is no skill in waiting that time, everyone escapes the vault at 57 seconds.

2) There are ~57 seconds of wait-time in the vault instead of the ~12 in elevators. Elevators are between levels and are a nice breathing point from goin’ fast. Some may argue that the relaxation vault is a breathing point for between runs, but if you’ve been resetting between ch00-04 repetitively, it’s more of an annoyance. If the save was allowed, you could still wait in the vault if you’d like for a breather.

3) Skipping elevators with saves will probably never be a part of the speedrun because strategies have been created to skip elevators IN THE SPEEDRUN. Jesus.

Most people seem to be on-board with the save in both this thread and the sourceruns thread, but I wanted to debunk the elevator argument. Also I just woke up and I'm bored.


y'all lazy


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I'll definitely play more with the save. This run is already frustrating enough for having to wait a minute on each reset.

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I'm against it just skip the vault legit (^: but seems majority wants it so that's fine

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So i guess this went through? Tried counting as accurate as possible on both threads taking into account everyone with a run in the last 6 months even including people on the "dont allow it" side that are more known (i know i said i hate that shit but w/e), excluding me and fnzzy, excluding people who are not capable of making a clear comment.

19 vs 5 for it. If i miss counted, missed ¤something¤ let me know, otherwise i will change the rules accordingly today as planned.

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Ok, it's sad 🙁

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But... it's possible to waste time in the vault, therefore just skipping a potential timeloss.
It's rare this will happen, but dying in the vault.


o l d m e m e

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It's new enough in my heart


I'd like to propose: banning the vault save. It's had a good run. Hindsight 20/20.

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