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I made a new route to get the 1st cycle orb in ch15. I don't know if anyone would want to use it.

Also, I have a problem where whenever I restart my game, all my keybindings are set back to default, and it's really annoying to rebind them all. Do you know what's going on and what I can do to fix it?


This makes the exact same cycle as before...


It doesn't really matter since the orb cycle.
Though if you find it easier: good for you 🙂


about the keybinding issue:
if all else fails you can always put your custom binds into the file "unpackfoldernamhere/portal/cfg/autoexec.cfg". I have all my save and reset binds there and some custom aliases that I used to use for segmented runs. Also works really well for settings like volume, resetting which maps are unlocked or turning off autosaves.

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Oh ye, I didn't read about the binding.
You can either put your bindings in autoexec, as Mitsunee said.
Or eventually you can type host_writeconfig once you did your changes, it will save the changes to config.cfg. host_writeconfig should be executed everytime you quit the game, but who knows.
You can even have multiple config keys for runs and segmented and practice using the following : host_writeconfig <configname> then type exec <configname> to load the keybindings.