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I know that quicksaves are allowed in the main categories, but how about saving/loading through the menu if you can show on the recording that the list is empty?

Secondly, is it allowed to disable autosaves ('sv_autosave 0' in the console) in any of the main categories? If not, what are your opinions on allowing this?

I'm routing glitchless for blindfolded and I don't see a full run happening without being able to store/load more than 1 save at a time. One wrong camera move and an accidental quicksave after that, and the run might be over. On the other hand, I want to stay as close to the speedrun rules as possible.


sv_autosave 0 is allowed

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saving/loading through the menu is allowed, even if you have saves from previous runs as long as you don't load them.
As NaCl said, sv_autosave 0 is allowed.
I don't see the difference between doing a save with binds or with the menu.
If you fuck up your save, you can load the previous one.
Of course I recommend two things :
Having your save binds far from your input keys
And having multiple key binds for different saves ( bind <key> save <savename> or bind <key> load <savename>)

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Thanks, good to know I'm not breaking any rules then.

Edit: I'll be using Enter for quicksave and a button on the controller for quickload, then F1 through F10 for regular saves and qwertyuiop for regular loads.


You use a controller!?

Makes sense.


I guess it would be better for spatialization of the player. Since the mouse brings a lot of noise due to muscular output and the brain auto corrects the view so that it works fine. So yes, controller would be easier for blindfolded.


The #1 reason I want to map mouse movement to a controller is to be able to move the camera just horizontally or vertically. With the mouse this would be way too imprecise. Bear in mind that the camera does not auto-reset its position in between areas/chambers, so it has to be positioned the way I want it to at all times.


I am pretty sure there are keyboard inputs for looking vertically and horizontally aswell, sir.


+lookup +lookdown for vertical
Haven't checked for horizontal

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Yup, you can set those in the menu as well, but the downside of those is that you can't set the sensitivity for them (the camera would usually move way too fast). Now I noticed 'sensitivity binds' are allowed as well. How exactly is this implemented? It would be nice if I could press a button during the run to put the sensitivity at 20 for example, and another button to put it at 2.

Edit: in fact I just found you can do that in the config file too (bind <key> "sensitivity 2"), but is this allowed and/or is this what is meant with 'sensitivity binds'?


"Allowed commands/bindings:
-Any bind that is accessible from the menu
-sv_player_funnel_into_portals binding (checkbox in the menu)
-toggle_duck binding (default controller bind)
-cl_showpos 1
-r_drawviewmodel 0
-binds for sensitivity
-save/load on one key binding
-save, fps_max [fps], load on one key binding
-custom named save binds
-demo plugin related binds "

Binds for sensitivity are allowed.

sensitivity <value> sets this value to the variable sensitivity.
This value applies a coefficient varying the displacement of the view angle from the displacement of the mouse.
bind <key> <command>

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Excellent, I'll stick to the 2 buttons for different sensitivities then (0.2 and 10).

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