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I'm just starting out in speedrunning and I've gotten pretty decent at Portal and I'd like to start submitting my runs. Does anyone know of a good free recording software that I could use?


It's better to just submit demos, they provide more accurate times than livesplit.


Videos aren't necessary. The most common way to submit your runs is by recording demos. Just go to Resources and install the Demo Auto-Recorder Plugin (recording demos also don't affects fps).

But you can just submit video, with a risk of not being approved.
(to record videos, use OBS, all the rest is fucked)


For asking more questions like this one it's more comfortable to join our discord and ask them there, feel free to join 🙂


Optimally you submit a video and demos, which is why we specifically ask for that for top 10 runs. In most cases a video is fine though. If we see anything suspicious will ask you for demos so its a good idea to record them anyways.