How do you not get motion sick?
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How do you not get motion sick?
United States

You can turn up your fov to 90 and turn off the motion blur in the advanced video settings of the game

(edit) you can also sit back further away from your screen

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United States

Same Thats Why I Use 90 FOV

Victoria, Australia

If you find that the 90 FOV and motion blur still isn't enough to completely eliminate motion sickness, there are plenty of strategies you can implement externally to help. For instance:

  • Medication
  • Ginger (remedy for nausea)
  • Distractions (commonly music)
  • I've also heard that having a fan pointed towards your face can help although that may be up to the individual and not work for everyone.

There are many other ways but this is just to name a few. Hope this helps!

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