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Hey I am new to portal speedrunning. I just completed my first play through with an oob strat. I am playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite. I am pretty sure I could hook up a camera on it, so filming is no problem. However, I do not know how I should time the run. I could just use a stopwatch, but that is pretty inaccurate. Is there a better option?

Victoria, Australia

A more accurate way to time would be, once uploaded to youtube, you retime it from when the crosshair appears in the vault and stop the time when the cross hair disappears after killing glados.

Basically just subtract the starting time stamp of the run from the ending time stamp and you'll have your time to the nearest second.

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Starting today, we will be using a more accurate timing method which includes “Tick 0” from demo timing.

LiveSplit should automatically be updated to include the “Tick 0” timing method. For those of you using the bootleg SourceSplit, you may need to manually install the new SourceSplit f

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