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British Columbia, Canada

you are not allowed to run on a torrented version of the game.

British Columbia, Canada

yes, you need to buy the game to do runs. if you join the discord it makes these questions a lot easier to answer

oh alright i understand thanks for answering

Oregon, USA

speedrunning a cracked version of portal wouldnt be legal anyway, ive personally played the games for 8 years so i own an actual bought copy of portal

damn oof ;( i've been wanting to buy and speedrun the game but the problem is that 1. broke af 2. i use a linux OS (i can run games on my linux but to download things such as the 3420 version and the livesplit thingy would be an absolute pain)

Oregon, USA

god damn u own a linux computer? no one speedruns on linux lmfao

welcome to broketown brokeville

i cant even afford a windows os but ight the only good thing to using linux is that you can learn how to program just a smol little bit

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New York City, NY, USA

Hi @DoodleSauce, have you heard about Proton? It's a piece of Valve software that allows running Windows-native games in GNU+Linux with a pretty high success rate. Portal runs natively on GNU+Linux with Steamplay, but you might be able to get Build 3420 to work as well with Proton and Wine. Even if you can't, you can still run the game on the current Steampipe version, though some tricks won't be available.

thanks @Captain-No-Beard that might come useful for other valve games

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