LevelFirst place
24 Carrot Island
Arabian Nights
Astro Knights Island
Back Lot Island
Big Nate Island
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Counterfeit Island
Cryptids Island
Early Poptropica
Escape from Pelican Rock
Fairy Tale Island
Galactic Hot Dogs Island
Game Show Island
Ghost Story Island
Goofball Island
Great Pumpkin Island
Jade Scarab Island
Legendary Swords
Lunar Colony
Mission Atlantis
Monkey Wrench Island
Monster Carnival
Mystery of the Map Island
Mystery Train
Mythology Island
Nabooti Island
Night Watch Island
Poptropolis Games
Reality TV Island
Reality TV: Wild Safari
Red Dragon Island
S.O.S. Island
Shark Tooth Island
Shrink Ray Island
Skullduggery Island
Spy Island
Steamworks Island
Super Power Island
Super Villain Island
Time Tangled Island
Timmy Failure Island
Twisted Thicket
Vampire's Curse Island
Virus Hunter Island
Wild West Island
Wimpy Boardwalk
Wimpy Wonderland
Zomberry Island
Haunted House
Adventures of Time
Adventures of Destiny
Adventures of the Mighty
Adventures of the Strange
Old School Islands 1
Old School Islands 2
Old School Islands 3
Old School Islands 4
Old School Islands 5
Old School Islands 6
Old School Islands 7
Old School Islands 8
This view only considers subcategories that apply to all levels. There are 17 more level-specific subcategories that apply. You can find more information by clicking on a level.
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