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Hey, just a quick question: Is there a category expansion site planned for the Pokemon games? Some games like OoT, GTA etc have these for the fun little runs like OoT 420%, Vice City Seagull%, the meme runs for Link's Awakening like Fish the Pond% etc that would be too dumb for the actual game's pages. I could see the following runs to be in this category, some of which have been requested on the game's page but were not added as a category du to "any% being too short" or for other reasons:

- Yellow: Any% Save Corruption, 0:00
- Green: Any% Door Glitch
- Gold: Mareep Route / Top Percentage Rattata Route
- Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Fish the Feebas
- Softlocking categories (do they exist?)
- Red: Lawsuit%, Catch Mew

I'm sure a lot of you guys that have been speedrunning these games for more than the few months that I've been doing it will know a lot more meme% or possible race categories. Pls don't be mad if this is a dumb request, I know similar stuff has been asked before, but I'm a noob and really like silly, short and funny runs.

Edit: I could also try and provide youtube links for each these so that the leaderboards would not be empty. I know mods don't like empty pages.

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This is a very good idea ! I'm not experienced enough for any% but i like a lot speed running pokemon games.
I have a lot ideas for it.

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