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7 years ago
New Zealand

As a result of some internal community discussion and reflection, new Discord Servers have been created for the Main Series games (broken up by console) and some of the Side Games. These servers and communities are very much a work in progress and are all undergoing some pretty major changes, however we recommend that you join any and all of the servers that apply to you. The expectation is that these smaller servers would become the new home for each community, and that this General PSR Server would become more of an archive, logging the history of our speedgames, but not fostering new discussions within it.

Main Series: Gen 1-3 Pokemon Speedrunning: DS Pokemon Speedrunning: 3DS Pokemon Speedrunning: Switch Pokemon Speedrunning:

Side Games: Pokepark: Channel: Colosseum/XD: Conquest: Dash: Detective Pikachu: Mystery Dungeon: PkMini Speedruns: Pinball: Ranger: Rumble: Snap: Stadium: TCG: Misc Side Games: Fangames:

Other: Racing Server:

The hub server is still available at but will only be used for more general organisation going forward.

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