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Hey guys, newbie here, I've been interested in speedrunning for quite a while and now I decided to start doing serious runs. However, I can't seem to find the general rules about the submission of runs. Like what are the requirements for my run to be valid/verified? Would a video of the run with a 3DS/DS using a camera suffice or is a capture card a must? Or do I have to stream it, etc?


As Glaedr said, this is better to ask the community directly. For that reason, I move the thread to the game's forums.


Hi everyone ! I've just found this website ! I've started my speedrun on pokemon saphir (with few save states and single segment) my first time is 3H46. (After an analysis my new time was 3H32).

Do you have a speficial software for a newbie (record, timer) ?

Thanks 🙂 (Sorry for my bad English)

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