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What's going on guys. I just got back into this game after watching TheRuseman's runs, and I have really started enjoying it again. As of right now though, the only thing I can safely do is Time Trial because it gives a definite time, but I want to try some single levels and possible a full any% run, but I have no idea how to set up the SpeedRunsLive timer. I downloaded it, but I am not sure how to set up checkpoints that it can understand when I finish a level. I am using Dolphin emulator if that changes anything on the GC edition.

The second one is about farming up lives to practice levels, I just want to know the best/easiest level to farm up a high amount of lives.

Finally, I was curious if my times won't be valid or something like that for using a emu. I know some people don't like them and I am aware that they are not 100% accurate, but what differences are there and should I switch to a real Wii/GameCube with the disc? In case you can't tell, I am also new to speedrunning.



hello there D4nny! glad to have a new runner in PMW2.
1. Im not positive which timer you are using. If you're using livesplit, then simply go into edit and you can add splits (or checkpoints). The game doesn't automatically notify the timer when it passes a level, you need to designate a button on the keyboard to go to the next split and press it when you beat a level

2. In butane pain, you can get eight lives at once, so collect the eight lives, kill yourself, collect the eight lives, kill yourself, rinse and repeat. Be sure to beat the level afterwards though!

3. In regards to using emulator, I want to say that its ok, but if you start getting extremely good times (such as sub 50) then your runs might be looked at more carefully. If you livestream, then it should definitely be fine though. However, that is something ruse is better off answering.

I hope i was a huge help, and I cant wait to see any% runs! - robthegamer117


1. Not sure what timer you're talking about, but livesplit is the best timer available. Watch this video to see how to set up livesplit

2. Rob answered. Heres a pic if you dont know where he was talking about, . Follow the IL and you'll see that place.

3. Emu is fine as long as your computer can run it, just be aware its not really "official" so if you want a time submitted under 50 minutes it'll have to be on console. You probably wont be at that step for a while though, so dont rush out and buy one. 🙂

If you have any more questions I check my twitch inbox most often, so if you dont get an answer here just message me on there.


Thank you both very much for the prompt and informative responses.

I understand that you manually press timers for each level, but how accurate is that for each level's time? Because this leaves room to mess up, r is the official time determined after the run is over at a certain frame?


"Official Time" doesnt really matter unless two times are within a second of each other. As long as you're within around half a second of accuracy when hitting the final split, its no big deal. (This is assuming you're talking about full game runs)

If you're talking about ILs, I usually retime them after I finish streaming while I'm highlighting them. As you can see in the rules for ILs, timing goes from selecting the level (hitting A) to when the screen goes completely black.

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