152 Tokens Speedrun Tutorial
Any% (JP) Intermediate/Advanced-ish Tutorial
Any% Speedrun Tutorial [Updated 2021]
Avalanche Alley
B-Doing Woods
B-Doing Woods (PC and Xbox only)
Bear Basics (any%)
Blade Mountain
Blinky (Any%/100%)
Butane Pain
Calculate Level Completion Percentage
Canyon Chaos (any%)
Double Tap Solved
Full 2022 Any% Tutorial for Pac-Man World 2 By MontraTV
Galaxian Routes
Ghost Bayou
Haunted Boardwalk
Ice River Run
Into The Volcano
Into the Volcano platform skip
Japanese level names (if you need for splits or w/e)
Level and Galaxian Maps with Fruit/Token Locations
Low% Guide
Magma Opus
Night Crawling
Pac-Dot Pond (any%)
Pac-Village (any%)
PC version on newer PCs
PLP's PMW2 Beginner IL Guides--World 1
PLP's Spooky Tutorial
PMW2 Fruit/Dot Counts US vs JP
Treewood Forest
US vs PAL Timing <GCN>
Volcanic Panic
Whale Patterns
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