Treewood Forest

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Example Video:

First part is easy, follow the path.
One of the butt bounces is precise, you want to land on the back end of the tree branch so that you don't nick the saw and lose health, as health is actually important to keep in this level.
More following the path, nothing too crazy. Climb up from the shimmy section as soon as possible, because you move faster walking than you do shimmying.
On the final ledge grab before the top of the tree, mash A and you will climb it faster (This has to do with the distance between where you jump and grab, this doesnt really work elsewhere)
Here you want to rev along the right side of the ramp, so less horizontal velocity is converted into vertical velocity. (This can be used elsewhere, hasn't been fully explored yet)
Bounce across the trees, for most cycles hugging the tree is the safest for preserving health.
For avoiding damage on the long branch with two saws, you can butt bounce along the right side of the platform and you will avoid damage. (This is fairly precise)
Rev roll along the top, but release the analog stick as you let go of the rev roll, or the camera shift will cause you to accidentally roll pac-man off the side.
Follow the path, no strange tricks or movement until after the two circular saw sections.
Here you want to jump from the first b-doing to the second b-doing (This is quite precise) then rev roll to the next platform.
There is like 1/100 chance that the bear spawns on the exact opposite end of the tree so you don't have to kill it, but it's usually best to stay on the safe side and just kill it.
Simple movement until the end of the level. Watch out for the saw at the end if you're low on health.

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