Butane Pain

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Example Video:

At the start of the level, hold southeast and jump onto the button, then grab the chrome ball. Rev to the branch (not fully charged), and then stop at the edge of the 2nd branch.
Aim between the two smaller trees and then curve to the left to land on the angled b-doing.
Bounce along the edge of the tree with 8 bonus lives to save time.
Here is a run killer, as usual the more dangerous route is fastest, so its up to you personally on where to land. Consistency I have is as follows
I usually go for yellow, because I hate losing runs there.
Butt bounce on the net ramp to get extra speed, then curve left as you roll to end here.
Aim towards the center of the two small trees, and then react to the bounce you get (usually you have to hold up-right)
Bounce across the 3 b-doings, then bounce across the crate and onto the branch.
One the final branch of the first tree, you want to grab onto where there are no fires (green location in image) This is no faster, but it saves health.
Bounce across (making sure not to bounce on the blue button) and then jump up-right towards the rest of the level.
At the next area you can do a tricky rev-roll left if you want (saves 0.5-1.5s depending on if you grab ledge) or just run left. Personal preference.
Then just climb the tree. (watch out for the last saw)

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