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Example Video:

Phase 1:
At the start of the fight, go the direction indicated and rev to that platform. Clyde always follows the same set path.

Hit him twice. Luckily the hitbox is huge for phase 1.

Phase 2:
Hold up-left and you'll go towards the correct platform. Wait there until clyde circles around fully, then dodge his charge and rev back to the central platform. Turn the camera around.

Wait until clydes mouth is at the same height as pac-man, then jump up and hit him twice.

Try to stay on the side of clyde closer to the platform, or he'll outrun you and you'll die.

Phase 3:
Wait in the center for him to shoot one round of fireballs, then rev roll to the platform with the free guy.

Same double hit as phase 1.

Phase 4:
Head upwards to the platform then rev roll across. Wait for two rounds of fireballs then go back to the center.
Wait for him to land and then butt bounce on him twice. The hitbox is much smaller than previous phases, so aim towards the very center if the dome.

Phase 5:
Head to the upwards platform. Wait for three cycles then head back to the center, and go one platform clockwise from where you were before. (the one with the free guy). The hits have the same setup as phase 1/3 but the hitbox is smaller.

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