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Example Video:

Input display video:

Optimal fight is 4 hits/4 hits/2 hits and chase.

Phase one:
Before the cutscene plays, run forward a couple steps, jump forward and kick him. This should cancel the cutscene.
Run forward a step and a half, and jump and hit him again. As you hit him, quickly tap left so that when you run forward, pacman will climb this hill instead of going onto the lower path.

Do the next two hits with the same two timing as the first two hits.

Phase two:
Identical to phase one.

Phase three:
First two hits are the same as the first phase, but after that it becomes near impossible to hit spooky again (only trey and i have done it in around 150 tries)

For the last two hits, just land and chase after him. If you know the old strat for spooky its basically just that.

Hit him twice.

Split when you hit him for the final time.

Thanks for reading.


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