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Example Video:

This boss is nearly identical to Inky.

Phase 1:
Charge the rev roll and hold up-right. You want to launch off the highest part of the ramp, or you might get hit by the bottom of Pinkys machine and die. You don't have to do both hits in a single roll (I usually don't) but its faster by around 1 second.

Phase 2:
Wait until Pinky is directly in front of the ramp, then just hold towards her and you'll hit her twice. Easiest phase IMO, works exactly like Inky.

Phase 3:
Starts the same as phase 1, but you want to loop back around and land on the original platform. Then just copy phase 2 and hit her twice in one roll. If you're having trouble with the first roll, you want to exit the central platform from the highest point (top of ramp) and return on the lowest point (middle between the two ramps.)

Phase 4:
Identical to phase 3.

CS skip:
Same timing as Inky. Watch the score, and a split second after "5000" is shown, hit start. (To be exact, there should be the same amount of time between 4999 and 5000, and 5000 and hitting start.)

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