Canyon Chaos (any%)

By RSRRSR Last updated

Example Video:

Charge a rev roll as the level loads, release it fully charged towards the plant then bounce off the first platform and land on the 2nd.
butt bounce off of the corner of the 3rd platform, then quickly kickflip and try to land on the center of the crate.
Here you do a fully charged rev roll to in front of the plant, but your position on the crate dictates which path you need to take.
FOR CENTER OF BOX: Take the red path, bounce straight across to the plant.
FOR ANYWHERE ELSE: Take the green path, you need to bounce along the left side of the last two platforms.
Use the plant to launch yourself to the left side of the pit.
Rev roll from the left side of the pit to the other side. Climb up.
Use the wooden platform in front of you to get a small boost of height. You need to just barely collide with it.
Use the plant to get to the first platform.
Abuse pac-mans butt bouncing hitbox to take a more direct route to the end.
After you've hit the orange button, kickflip so that pacman gets less height.
Tiny rev roll through the pink dot, and as soon as you hit it cancel your rev roll with a jump. This keeps your rev roll momentum for a small amount of time, allowing you to move fast as small pac-man.

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