Into The Volcano

By RSRRSR Last updated

Example Video:

Roll through the level until you get to the first group of pac-dots, then stop at the front of it. Then roll off the wall and land on the collapsing platform.
Jump onto the next platform, and then walk onto the wooden moving one (it means you can give the platform a tilt so it can act as a ramp.)
You want to land on the corner to give it maximum tilt, and then launch off the highest corner and bounce off the other platform to land on the wooden platform.
If you're a wimp you can just jump across, but you'll be slow.

Then climb up and rev roll to the checkpoint.
Make your way to the end of the platform or when you rev roll you wont get a good bounce.

Make your way to the ramp. Dont get hit by the ghost while you're charging your rev roll or you'll turn around and face him/die.

Now there's a pretty difficult trick. You want to land exactly on this spot.
and then rev roll lining up pacs eyebrow with the slope.

Rev roll around the next ramp so you get less height.

Up to the next checkpoint needs no explanation.
Use a buttbounce right before you grab the 2nd falling platforms edge so that you just bounce on top instead of grabbing on.

Simple til the next checkpoint.
Jump to the first platform, then rev to the 2nd and cancel. Easiest if you just copy the video for that part, its pretty straightforward.

Up until the final area its simple. Jump to the falling platform then onto the wooden one.
Do PLP strat to get across the next couple platforms.

Jump a lot.

On the final rev roll, you need to cancel your roll a couple frames before you hit the wall or you'll just bounce off.

Roll to the end.

This level is hard at first but eventually you'll get good at it and never reset here.

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