Ghost Bayou

By RSRRSR Last updated

Example Video:

Start with a rev roll to the cutscene. (Dont mash start, or you'll pause in the middle)
Roll more, until you get up to the green button.

Rev over the invisible wall and onto the other path. (If you're scared/bad at pmw2 just jump over the wall)

Rev along the paths some more, sometimes they can give you weird bounces, so don't autopilot.

Rest of the level up to the pac-chain is trivial.

Wait skip:
This skips the cutscene where spooky complains about how you killed his tree.
To skip it, jump very slightly after when the pac dot counter reaches 88, and hold 30 degrees above west on the analog stick, then adjust as the camera swings around (camera is very inconsistent here, but usually i end up rotating the stick clockwise to a northwest position.)

Window for the jump is 8 frames long. (pmw2 is 60fps)

The timing on the jump is hard at first, but not so bad once you get used to it.

Wait skip saves ~4 seconds for reference.

One level to go.

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