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Example Video:

Starting info:
Each propeller takes 9 hits to kill, so you should hit each propeller 8 times in preparation.
Whale follows the same set pattern (its around 20 seconds long) but it's RNG at which part of the pattern he'll spawn. Then at worst you could lose like 15 seconds to RNG on this level, but it seems 80-90% of the time he spawns at the optimal time.
I'd recommend memorizing the pattern he follows so you always know when its safe to shoot the propellers.
I personally can't keep track of all of the propellers health in my head, so I count out loud to keep track. (If you're smart enough to do it in your head just do that hey)


When the whale moves from
top right
bottom left
top right
and then slides left, that means its your opportunity to hit 3 propellers off at once.


Position yourself so your shots will land barely above the bottom propeller.

Swing downwards so that you hit the two left propellers and then move to the right and hit the bottom right one.



Final Hit:

Stay in the center of screen and hit the sets of subs, then start spamming shoot when the whale appears, while slowly moving up-right. It isn't too difficult to hit.

This level is hard for beginners, if you can't get it at first stick with it, cause it took me like 7 hours to find and make this setup. Eventually you'll get consistent, just don't give up.

Average time to get 2 cycle for the first time: 2-3 hours. Don't give up.

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