Magma Opus

By RSRRSR Last updated

Example Video:

First area is nothing you aren't already used to, just follow the path I take.

Once you get to the rev roll, try to land on the misshapen lighter polygon.

You have to land there so that pacman is on an angle.
Then rev roll to the other side. If you arent far enough down the hill when you're charging your roll, you wont be able to make it over the ledge, so you might have to cancel your roll a few frames before you reach the ledge.
Here you want to roll along the wall so that you can land directly on the 2nd platform. It's a lot easier than it looks.
Use the i-frames from the fire ball so that you can jump through the lava and skip the 3rd platform. Be brave.

Grab the chrome ball and turn around, go down the other path. Follow the route, nothing is that difficult.

At the final section, bounce on the edge of the chute, and then go out perpendicular to the edge (90 degree angle)

Bounce after 2.5s. (this is kind of iffy though, it depends on how much momentum pac-man has.)

Once you land on the 2nd platform, jump so that you land on the stalagmite. You'll land right on the ending trigger.

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