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Tennessee, USA

Hello, I've been interested in learning to speedrun this game as well as Pac-Man world 2, but currently I will only be able to play on an emulator. Is there a specific one I should/can use? Thank you

Ontario, Canada

There's a forum post from around 5 months ago by Joester98 about the emulator situation. I can just copy and paste it here for you.

These rules will be in effect on August 22, 2020 at 12AM UTC

When streaming/recording a run you must be able to capture the window to show what emulator is being used. BizHawk is able to display the status bar under window capture, that must be displayed. RetroArch will has specific requirements below. You are able to run without showing the window. You must also state what emulator is being used when submitting your run.

Accepted Emulators: • XEBRA • BizHawk 2.4.1 or newer [Recommended] • mednafen • RetroArch (Beetle/Beetle HW)

BizHawk Setup: Games can only run under the cue format. • PSX > Options • Select either mednafen mode option.

RetroArch Dedicated Rules: You must show settings of the core settings before/after the run. Your settings must match this: • CPU Dynarec: Disabled (Beetle Interpreter) [Default] • Cycles: 128 (Default) • GTE Overclock: Disabled • GPU Overclock: 1x (native) • Skip Bios: Disabled. • Access Method: Synchronous • Loading Speed: 2x (native) • PAL (European) Video Timing Override: OFF Recommended: Keep PGXP Disabled Custom settings are allowed for anything that isn't mentioned such as resolution.

For questions be sure to join the Discord.

For the quick answer on "why did we drop ePSXe?" That emulator for PC has not been updated in 4 years and despite being the "most accurate emulator"^ it relies on plugins compared to the other four options.

^Due to being closed source, it was able to get away with faking the scores on the PS1 Test Suite. Games that are tested to what ePSXe states it "passed" has outright failed.

NOTE: All existing runs done on different emulators will be grandfathered in and will not be removed from the leaderboards.

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Tennessee, USA

thank you!

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